Lazada Malaysia

Who is the "Captain" He is referring to in the video?

As always , and quite often, when listening to those who  appear in a media broadcast-being interviewed.. Usually , its either  they will scream injustice and foul-play naming those they hold fully responsible..
Or , if it may be an action not so conducive to personal well being or safety.if specific names
and accusations that describes in detail ,what is transpiring , is made public.
 Then ,a recourse is to be vague and suggestive as to what is going on.. And it is for the viewers to form their own conclusions based on what is said and alluded.
And in the instance below, in the video. It is not too difficult to decipher what is behind the words and detailing the real situation that is going on.
 It is not like he is speaking in some coded language that needs to be de-crypted.
As a matter of fact , it is obvious what he is alluding to -that is and has been going on ,behind the scenes at Sg. Way for quite some time , and so far , nought much has been done about it.

Certain things come to mind ....
Thugs, Gangsterism , Extortion, - Territorial Claims of Turf by organized groups that enforces their own set of rules .
Applicable on those they determined to have infringed on their Turf without the Tributes they determine is owed or obligated ,from petty traders who trade in the area they control.
 And protection fee is the old school term for the racket.....
 And in the video above , stopping short of naming names , he already in essence inferred the sheenanigans that is going on .
From streets of New York city and made famous by the mafia. Then to the streets of Hong Kong in the far east , where ,although different nationalities, but same rules ,same game.
 And it is all too familiar back in KL /PJ..And therefore totally comes as no surprise..
It is what it is , Traders who want to operate in a " controlled " area need to know the very special permits and the costs of it...