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Melayu Sudah Lupa Tun M,- Iaitu Melayu UMNO .!

Tun M has his fair share of haters,and He has been called spiteful names that shows the level of resentment towards him blaming him for the many ills of the country.
Yet , usually, the bitter and spiteful name calling normally originate from anti -BN or anti-UMNO,quarters,on online social media, and it's no secret ,what the sentiments of opposition politicians towards TDM are .
Yet ,at least ,the more senior politicians , have enough decorum or grudging respect to not stoop to levels as low as cursing the Tun.
Fact is that , like it or not , Tun M is the ex-Premier of this country, and president of UMNO for decades.
But ironically ,it is from the ranks of the UMNO organization , and a sitting cabinet minister of PM Najib's administration ,no less, that totally abandoned civility and decorum,when one would have expected at least a measure of deference or respect from the organization TDM founded after rebranding it UMNO baru, and helmed so many years..
But describing the Tun as like “a comatose patient waiting for his time to die”.
Seems to be on display is a total irreverent ingrate, insulting their own elder statesman, founder of UMNO Baru, .
.If the statement was made by anyone else not a Minister and not a BN/UMNO member, it is still understandable,
But from the mouth of a senior party member , , in hurling this insulting derogatory remark, Won't it be like "Kurang Ajar" , "Biadab".
Disrespectful to their own 90 year old elder statesman, as if all that TDM did for UMNO,when He was PM and UMNO president meant nothing.!
Being critical or disapproving of what TDM has done and is doing now in the anti-Najib crusade , perhaps understandable, yet , the insulting "Sumpah " like or curse at Tun from this Minister Ahmad Sabri , reflects back on the minister's own character and his pettiness , not to mention the UMNO organization as a whole !
Goverment Ministers must have an expected sophistication of civility and decorum. An image obligatory to the public they serve.,and the high office they represent. .
Its lamentable , as the public sees the shallow and spitefully petty mindsets or mentality of some of the persons ,that occupies high ministerial posts of our Govermental administration..
PM Najib's hand picked ministers.!
Even if , many among us are not exactly in TDM's fan club, but, still know enough to know what courtesy and deference is to our elders.
And the meaning of " Berjasa pada Bangsa ,Parti dan Negara " "..Which in TDM's case , will be to the political party he helmed for 2 decades..
So makes one wonder, where and which side , the term "Pengkhianat" ought be labelled..
Ostensibly,TDM claims that what he is doing now is in the best interests of the country and UMNO party and the Malay community..
Whereas , as the Tun puts it succintly, but UMNO, now seem to exist to serve PM Najib's personal interests and not the Malay community it represents..
Well now, guess in the words of Tun Mahathir himself..Melayu ,mudah lupa.!"
OPEN LETTER: Dear Ismail Sabri, I don’t know you personally and I have no desire to know you

Tun Mahathir and Collaborators to Dislodge PM Najib

 If TDM now can help -in collaboration with all like minded influential political personas of the country - steer the nation back on track to stability , prosperity and most importantly multi-ethnic religious harmony and acceptance, 

Many may consider what debt he owes to the PPL ,via the years of his distorted premiership, as Paid dues...
TDM need to also come to terms with the dictates of current modern day society demands for Just , Equitable laws of a real democratic goverment...

Authoritarian style of governance,of TDM's tenure , in a democracy today ,is as outmoded as the Mullet hairstyle of same era and needs to be - as abruptly and permanently terminated as like the tragic fate of Romania's Nicolae Ceascescu and the communist regime he lead... 

Hmmm must admit.The thought of how " Ceaucescu and Wife " the most powerful and feared couple in the country -

And totally with impunity misuse ,abused , their power, persecuting ruthlessly dissenters ,the nation's treasury and resources 
like their own piggy bank ,and with his cronies looted and executed wantonly those who protested their evil and 
wrongdoing - and when their evil ways caught up with them ..?.

The thought of how they were sent back to their maker ,"executed by bullet in the head" by fellow Romanians. The death sentence for the misery and grief suffered by the 

Romanians inflicted by ruthless , greedy brutal Ceaucescu.and his corrupted Goverment. 

A morbidly appealling thought because of certain parallels to Malaysian situation.

 And the " What If..." intriguing line of thought - becoz it is not that hard to think of the Whos or which infamous couple of our nation that may be deserving or merit the same fate meted to them. , 

Just like the Ceaucescus and many of his Cronies and Collaborating Accomplices that were arrested ,put on trial and excecuted , when the regime crumbled .... 
Just mulling.,Who knows , history has a way of repeating itself or share same circumstances-
Literally if not Figuratively..!

Tun M not mincing of words...



Dr M refuses to apologise for current situation

Just thinking ......
Dwelling on TDM past excesses or distorted use of power is not going to be productive,like water under the bridge, 

Although lessons can be learnt in what must not be allowed to repeat and implement stricter check and balance measures to avoid a repeat of the unregulated misuse of power n influence.

Demanding an apology from the TUn for his past governance is akin to him admitting to serious breach of public trust and power abuse,and with massive 90 yr old ego of his,unlikely since he feels he hasn't erred.

Yet, what he does from now can be used as a yardstick to gage whether he has since acknowledged his past misdeeds and come to terms with present era societal demands for goverment.

His actions will show if he may be trying to make amends for all the past questionable acts he is held accountable for, Or he is still a stubborn dinosaur..

Personally i d much rather TDM ,if he feels any regrettable deeds to the ppl.he expresses it with actions need to say sorry for the past,just do.make it up to the ppl.

There is a Time and place for everything, but now the urgent priority is to salvage whats salvageable in the country before its too late -
 and for that ,the people need all the help or firepower that can be mustered to dislodge or remove the stubborn thorns of the country's corrupted and power abusing leaders..who are bleeding the nation dry . 

And far as TDM is concerned, ,let him make amends with deeds or pay off the debts he owes to the country and people with actions that can help put Malaysia back on track.. 

Then later perhaps ,if TDM can claim some merit in saving the country from the looting pirates , then perhaps Malaysians can be a forgiving lot. 

So ,actions and deeds of the Tun from now will speak louder than words.

And now is certainly not the time to hold TDM to account for the past questionable governance if it serves no purpose or can contribute to better the dire situation the country is heading.

.If mistakes have been made during the Tun's tenure as PM, is to learn what not to allow nor repeat and prevent.
And send a loud and clear message to TDM,,the PPL wil be watching Him in what he does.