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Article writing

Using Articles To Bring More Traffic To Your Website

If you aren't getting the amount of traffic you need for those web pages of yours to produce the results you require, let me tell you how. It is simple, and only requires your effort and time.

Many of you will beg off initially with the "I can't write" or "I don't know how to write" to say no. And all that is nothing more than just excuses.

When I first started submitting articles I did it because I was 'desperate' to get something going. My site was running and nobody - as in NOBODY - was looking at it! There weren't even surfers getting lost and coming to it.

Presently, I can truthfully say that I have much more traffic, perhaps not many thousands as some would have you believe, but a lot (meaning in the hundreds daily) dropping in. I am at last seeing an 'uptick' in all this marketing that I have been trying so hard to do.

What you see below are the things, in order, that you need to do to post an article. Just Follow them and within TWO DAYS, NO LONGER THAN THREE, you will begin observing results in traffic. Now even you have to admit, that's pretty darn fast, right? You will find that you're getting on Google's front or second page, and I am not kidding you! You can get months, maybe even years, out of one article!

.One great benefit about article writing is that it does not go away in a short period of time. These articles get passed all over the place and stored in archives in the forums and get read again and again.

The greatest thing about them - THEY ARE 100% FREE! Of course, you have your effort and time, but aren't you already doing that trying to create that traffic?

  1. 1. Think of a 'niche' you want to be in. (A 'niche' in case you don't know is a 'specialty' that you either want to promote or sell, and you know something about it.) If you are already in one - GREAT!

  2. Now, write about it. The article can be a 'How to', 'Why people do it', or how you have done it. It should be at least 400 words in length (some forums may require shorter or longer) and you must spell-check it and use proper grammar.

  3. You must use a 'spinner' so you can submit 'multiple' articles that will be appear 'different'. A 'spinner' is a way to re-write the article so the search engines (Google is only one of many search engines) bots cannot see that it is the same article. If you submit the same article to them all, the 'bots' will see it as one article submitted and you will get no points for that!

  4. Having written and spun the article, it is ready for submission to the directories. If you are just beginning, as you most likely will be doing, this is the hardest part. You have to go find them, register with them, and prepare them for your submissions. This is time intensive. BUT, you only have to do it once!

  5. Once you have written, spell-checked, and spun the article, you begin the submission process. It's not only easier every time I do it now, it's also faster.

  6. Now is the GOOD PART - YOU CAN ACTUALLY WATCH THE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE INCREASE! Believe me, it will happen. In my personal observation, my traffic has really changed and yours will as well - I PROMISE!
Ever fancied yourself a writer,you can ..
Article submission sites
Sign up as a member and be a article contributor . Earn  some residue income by  contributing  fresh articles or use article postings from your blog. What to write about  is your own discretion. Promote your blog via the contributed articles  with a brief description of your blog topics at the end of your article.
    Stimulate curiousity with a sentence that prompts readers to follow link to your blog . Most article submission sites allow you to insert URL links back to your site.Good write ups may create enough interest or curiousity for readers to follow the links to your blog and read more.!


Associated Content

Constant content

All the articles submitted are monetized soon as they are published, no time  limit to residue earnings which comes  from click impressions on the the adds placed with your pubblished article.!

Please click link below and read this article below if considering joining article writing and submission sites!

Article writing Sites worth joining and sites not to bother with!

Be a freelance writer contributor with Xomba! Free to join and submit anything you wish to write about! Click to sign up and start writing immediately! make some residue income writing and submitting articles of your own on any topic you are familiar with.Once published,just forget about it and let it generate passive income for you.

Or start a blog about a subject close to your heart and make residue income from it. Here are links to starting a blog and optimizing it for performance and earnings..  
       CLICK THIS LINK...Blogging for Fun and Income..
 Starting a blog  with Google , Wordpress , monetizing and optimizing it for Performance ,Traffic and search Engine Rankings.

Twitter as a marketing tool,more powerful than realized

Twitter power

Twitter is a service that's received equal amounts of hype and disdain, with many internet pundits hailing it as the coming of a new generation of short attention spans. With so many people using the service now, there's certainly some truth to their argument. However, there are many ways to use Twitter as a highly useful marketing tool, beginning with just a few simple marketing principles. Whether you're a Twitter power user or just someone that wants to get more exposure for yourself or your business, optimising your Twitter usage through some very basic principles can lead to massive increases in your affiliate earnings, page views, and advertising revenue. These simple tips and strategies are detailed below:

Follow as many interesting people as you can.
This is a Twitter strategy that all too often gets massively misunderstood. With many accounts having massive follower counts, there are also far too many that have huge 'following' counts. Lets explain the differences between a value creating follower, and a value extracting follower:

A value creating follower is someone with whom you can connect, benefit from through tangible results, and communicate with to create value for both sides. This can be a mentor, an artist that you admire, or just someone that's interesting to you. It doesn't necessarily have to be anyone important, just someone that can create value you, and for whom you can create value.

A value extracting follower is someone that follows you for the sole purpose of increasing their follower count. This can be a false metric sometimes. While often your follower count is a great way of gauging your online influence, all too often it can become deceptive. When your follower count is filled to the brim with followers that are only there for their own personal gain, it massively devalues your total follower count's value. 
Give your followers more than you take.
This is one strategy that far too many Twitter marketers fail to achieve. Instead of creating value for their followers and winning their trust, many marketers simply spam their followers with endless affiliate links, poorly crafted sales pitches, and shameless self promotion. This isn't a long term strategy.

Affiliate links and promotional material can prove to be an exceptionally powerful and lucrative resource, but without the proper amount of preceding value, your followers will likely click away once they hit your sales page. You need to build trust with your followers before you lead them towards any sales pages or money making opportunities. Spend some time building that trust, and you can take your followers anywhere you can imagine.

This all boils down to a basic marketing truth: people will always listen to someone they trust before someone they don't. Nowhere is this more true than on the internet, where spam and advertising is always present. Be the knight in shining armour and you can eventually lead your followers down a path that makes you massive amounts of money.

Discover the top 10 Twitter tricks in the free Turnkey Twitter report.

 tips and tricks for optimising your Twitter account, and increasing your online influence.

When you introduce monetisation, be subtle and cautious.
Twitter isn't something that you can monetise straight away. If you're an absolute beginner, your follower count is next to nothing, your credibility is low, and you're known to nobody. Before you can effectively market your products through Twitter, you need to built up those three elements. Here's how:

To increase your follower count, either use a Twitter follower system, or go about it manually. There are major advantages and disadvantages to each method, but in the end they'll likely produce the same results. When you use a Twitter follower system, you'll gain massive amounts of followers quickly. While most of them will be highly targeted and appropriate, some of them won't be, and you'll likely lose a few over time. By contrast, if you go about gaining those followers manually, you'll need to spend a massive amount of time on Twitter in order to match the follower account of the Twitter follower systems. This one's a trade off; one offers faster followers, and one offers greater customisability. Each to their own.

Secondly, increase your reputation, credibility and online persona by creating value for Twitter users. This could mean anything from providing interesting links to helping people with their problems online. Everyone's an expert at something, so use your innovative and unique skill set to help other Twitter users.

This is where you should begin to approach monetisation. When your audience is behind you, you can take them anywhere. Slowly introduce affiliate links and promotional material into your tweets, but don't overdo it. The aim is to ease your followers into your promotions, not to brute force them into clicking on your links. Treat your followers right and you'll end up with a massive permission marketing resource.

When all else fails, learn from it and change your plan.
There are more variables to Twitter promotion than this article could possibly cover, and that's a good thing. When there are so many variables within a system, the possibility to dominate a small niche and make massive money through it is endless. However, due to the massive amounts of variables in Twitter, many entrepreneurs and marketers don't make it the first time. Here's what to do if you're one of them.

Learn from your failure. Take it in stride, make notes of what went wrong, and start again. The beauty of Twitter is that you can always communicate with your followers, and this gives you a huge advantage for information gathering and metric testing. If one of your Twitter strategies isn't working, test your audience with it, learn from what went wrong, and incorporate the new knowledge into your next campaign. This is how you'll truly dominate Twitter, and effectively use it as a powerful marketing platform.

 ''FREE'' is a  annoying  four letter word online, , what else doesnt work for me in internet marketing!
As a struggling internet marketeer,attempting to gain some headway, I have been surfing consistently,looking for opportunities online that I may succeed in. After months at it,if anything ,i have built up a wall of resistance after being constantly bombarded by messages promising everything,but delivering nothing!
After all this exposure, I have inadvertently developed a reflex response of resistance to certain types of messages on the internet ,which whenever I come across,will just either ignore or delete if it contains certain words.
Traffic exchanges , list builders , e mail messages , reflecting on them as a resource ,  seem not as  effective a tool to get conversions to what you are they make it out to be! Because almost 90% of the messages are the same.! Exaggerations , hype , guarantees , promises , somehow after months of surfing through them , you  developed a cynical conditioning whereby certain words trigger certain thoughts , prompting a standard response , ignore , delete or click to the next add. All it takes is just one word or one phrase , and your very own inbuilt auto responder kicks in !
Following are some keywords or phrases  that invariably provokes  a standard reaction or line of thought….(cant help it, it is the conditioning , not the message ,blame the messenger! )
      Free..has got to be the most used and abused word on the Internet.! Program owners or anyone who has something to sell will most assuredly figure  a way to fit the word in , what  other word can there be that is as effective as it to use as a bait to hook  subscribers? Given the average person looking for on-line opportunities are usually people who want something for nothing…So whenever the word free is flashed , must admit ,its enticement enough to  read on ,albeit with a everpresent question hovering in the back of the  mind.Whats the catch?And usually ,  scrolling down ,8 out of 10 times , there will be a request for your email and name before more details will be shown..(list building) so that they can follow up and bombard you with more messages. They wont give up until you give in..This is usually the point of no return for the message. Unless the build up to the request was very convincing or curiousity arousing, it goes away.! Personally,what will   switch on my cynicism and just bury the message,—if it goes against a grain of my common sense…..hyped up unrealistic claims of fantastic rewards , testimonials from the supposed user who had total success and reaping in huge benefits, when they say no lies.real thing..or hints of easy money
without having to work for it..or blatant challenge asking you to take action
..cloaked links(what are they trying to hide?)
2…Make money….fantastic…opportunity…make thousands..superlatives of all kinds..when they say ,this is not a get rich quick..,I am going to GIVE you a  ..?   FREE ….instant something…  cheap looking splash pages ..Risk free…Pre..launches..jump in now ahead of everyone.. huge profits…or a video that keeps repeating the word money huge potential..blah blah,, how to make money
,soo simple…this is just to name a few.
And  usually the type of messages that does entice me to read more and give details….. is when i sense sincerity or a well written message that creates that impression..when a message doesnt try to compel you to follow up by hinting  its your lost if you dont do so.An intriguing phrase that doesnt take itself too seriously , a tongue in cheek type of phrase that makes you chuckle, sense of humour can loosen me up and lower the resistance , Short, clear and simple but intelligently worded phrases which you can relate to or agree with.…I have probably come across few dozen of such messages after selectively sorting out through the hundreds.Ultimately it all boils down to the individual..a message’s appeal is in its ability to stir instincts..

Internet marketing and Tools used!

E mail marketing
At, every member may post to at least 5000 leads per day, which equals to 1,825,000 leads for the year!  
The leads you'll be posting to everyday have all been confirmed and verified. These leads have all logged in and show some activities and interest in various opportunities within the last 72 hours!

If you'd like to post to more than 5000 leads per day, we also offer a variety of ways, both paid and free, that you can choose from to post up to 100,000 leads per day!
Tight on Budget ? Not enough leads for your busines? Here's your chance to get 1 Million Double-Opted In, Daily Verified Leads For F*R*E*E !!


An autoresponder is one of the most powerful tools every serious affiliate marketer must have within his or her arsenal if they wish to succeed long-term. It’s actually one of the lifelines of your business. 

An autoresponder is a sophisticated piece of software that automates the following procedures:

1) Collecting email addresses and adding them to a database.

2) Automating the job of sending email to the subscribers on your list.

With an autoresponder you can: send an email to some or all of your subscribers at once, collect valuable data about your subscribers and schedule a series of emails to be sent automatically on fix intervals.

Update your subscribers about any recent developements or changes to products or services.

Don’t settle for cheap autoresponder software. It will cost you in time, headaches, subscribers and money. Here’s what i use and recommend:
Traffic Wave is the site serious Internet Marketeers use to effectively advertise or promote their campaigns,build or capture their list of prospects, design their email marketing campaigns. capture leads..and most importantly , automate the process. Marketing efforts  run on auto pilot. And besides that , Traffic wave also enables members to generate very lucrative residue earnings with the program.!  Step by step training and tips and ideas given to members to help them succeed,even complete newbies in internet marketing can reap full benefits almost immediately when  they follow the training and use the tools. Terrific deal ! Earning money while learning  the tricks of the trade in internet marketing!

T.W members reads like a celebrity lists of whos who in internet marketing..A lot of the super successful online marketeers are with TW, or switching over..coz of the fantastic value and highly effective marketing tools and support from the site! 

Traffic exchanges are a useful resource for website owners or internet marketeers who have products or services to sell but on a tight budget for advertising..
Surf and BE surfed.!just list your website link or what link you want to promote and meantime surf the other sites in order to gain credits for your listed site to be seen by people.Good tool for internet marketeers.!
useful if time is what you have more than cash.Some Traffic exchange sites have Paid to Surf feature so can earn and surf at the same time.
(P.T.C site promoters,take note ,these can be referral building resources !)

My own list of favouriteTraffic Exchanges that i like to surf at..!
1:1 Traffic Exchange
 Easy Hits is Cool Exchange site for members,highly useful tool for advertisers. Free tool to create your own splash page to advertise what you are promoting! 
Surf for free credits and even your own banner links to advertise, PTC bloggers looking for referrals would like this feature.Can  earn some loose change by being active surfing , promoting and referring members. Highly rated in traffic exchange community. One of the fastest growing exchanges. 
 With 190,000 members and increasing,has been consistently voted as the no.1 exchange for some time.This site has a, paid to surf , paid to refer new members feature. A good site to join to promote your own programs. 

Create your own advertising banners for free.Just let your creativity loose!
Design your own from scratch or use the templates at the site!

Traffic Swarm is a effective advertising site for conversions,unlike most other Traffic exchanges where you surf randomly,members of Traffic swarm can opt to do selective surfing, only viewing adds they are interested in..Targeted advertising!
Also has some cool features to help your sites..Very popular site with a huge member base..
                                Rainbow Traffic has very user friendly features,colorful ecxhange site,I like the layout..

Click Here! free cars

residue income earners

What is is an in-stream advertising platform that matches top-tier Twitter publishers with top-tier brands. for Advertisers is an in-stream advertising platform that matches top-tier brands with top-tier Twitter publishers. Twitter is a global phenomenon and one of the fastest-growing sites, with over 52 million users in the U.S. alone. enables advertisers to reach the highly sought-after Twitter audience by connecting brands with the most influential people in the community. for Publishers enables Twitter publishers to make money from the content they produce on Twitter by sending one tweet every day from advertisers that they approve. In order to ensure authenticity, every tweet is explicitly approved by the Twitter publisher.

Why Twitter?

More than 100 million users strong and growing at an incredible rate, Twitter is the most influential community in the world. Amazingly, 1 in 5 tweets are brand-related* and the greatest brands in media are reinventing the way they communicate because of Twitter. *September 2009 Twitter study by Penn State University
Refer friends and earn 12% of whatever they make...
Ask friends to sign up for using your special referral link . When someone signs up using one of your links, you will earn 12% of everything they make on You can put the link in an email, tweet or anywhere you want. You can also embed one of the referral graphics below anywhere you want.(click banner to sign up an account with ad ly as publisher or twitterer)

work at home legitimate programs to earn residue income in your spare time!

Reading promotional emails , viewing advertisements ,writing articles, in essence if one is serious and dedicated enough,there are means of earning residue income from home. Work from home is not a difficult thing to do,and there are internet users who make a very good living doing full time online activities.
  Mainly for many , they are just contented with a bit of side income from their online activities, so GPT (get paid to) programs are more popular with this niche. Get paid , click adds , write , surf ,doing simple tasks,etc
    Earning income from GPTs can be substantial, depending on the member's status..
  Marjority of members are free, sign up a free account and earn few dollars or there are those more serious with them by investing money into the sites upgrading member status to earn more..also all these sites reward members if the member refer new users to join, the more members are referred,the more one earns from their participation in the sites. 
Get Paid to Read Emails.
 The following sites all send paid emails direct to you inbox daily..! So Its very useful that you have a Gmail account in order to join the various Paid to Programs..that follows ..

Donkeymails is a No Risk site...
Donkey mails is like parent site to getpaidmail n Youromail and jills click corner.Basically all owned and operated by same group of people. So even though rates are very low at least risks of being scammed are very minimal. No minimum ,payout can be requested when you have earned $1.USD with site. and will be credited into your Paypal or Alertpay account.
Donkey mails site seems overcrowded with features to earn ,PaidToClick,P.ToRead,P.ToSurf,P.ToSignUp .Paid to review.Paid to play online gamesw. Referral contests with cash rewards. If dedicated and willing to spend time only at this site,can make some small change .
Get paid to read emails,paid to click ,signup,paid to surf. Multi features within the site.
If you are thinking of joining Donkeymails,make sure 1st you have a gmail account..If you dont , sign up for one, and use your gmail for all the paid to programs you are thinking of joining. Yahoo or Hotmail may bounce the activation of your registration mail or paid emails from the sites.Be prepared to be flooded with emails in your gmail inbox. . 0.003 to 0.025.per email read so a lot of reading.

Buxmatrix pays members to read emails and click adds

Bux Matrix,Gaining a reliable  reputation despite relatively new bux site.made the low risk review in PTC review sites.
Registered members 40,000.and increasing
cashout track record feedback...reliable and prompt although like standard PTCs,4 adds daily min. for free members.But has quite a fair amount of paid emails sent directly to your Gmail inbox.
Barely 2 years old, no known issues..pays to .Alertpay ..0.025 to 0.01 per add / email  clicked
If you wish to join in any of the paid to programs,you are going to need to sign up an account with payment processors to receive your funds since most of this programs use them to make payments to their members.Most popular is Alertpay and Paypal. Both free to sign up for an account.And dont have to link with a credit card if not planning to purchase anything.

( Paypal has added the service of depositing into bank accounts for Malaysian members now so no need credit card to withdraw funds from Paypal)
(Can also earn some commisions from the pay processors if you have an account with them and refer others to sign up and account with them)

Matrixmails is acknowledged online as a legit Low risk site;
Get paid to read emails ,paid to click on adds. $2 usd min payout to members.
from 0.025 - 0.02 per add clicked or emailed read.
MatrixMails - 
Get paid
Diffrent from donkeymails in that emails are not sent to your personal email but you will be given an mail account with them where they will send your paid emails.just need to log in to that mail account and read your paid emails to get credited.
Another low risk site to join and get paid to read emails.amongst other things.
Layout quite organised,nothing like the cluttered feeling in Donkey mails site.
Because site doesnt have that many features,more emphasis on paid emails.
Higher rates for reading mails .01 to .05 per mail.

Hits4pay..RiskFree site..
Receive Emails On Topics That Interests You And Get Paid For It!
Get $10 Just to signup! But international members have very few emails to read  as oppose to US members., so for quicker payouts international members need to try hard to refer US members. Owned by a respected and reputable New york firm. can earn 0 .01 to 0.05 each mail.
 $10 credited immediately to your account  just for signing up as a member to receive the paid emails..
But you will need to reach $25/  to qualify for payout,which may take some time,still this is a very reliable and trusted site so just need to be patient. Pays by Paypal
Hits 4 pay is Risk Free site..from all my searches,all vouched for it as totally legit 

Get Paid to view advertisements (PTC)
PTC..sites pay their members to click on 10-30 second adds which advertisers paid to be placed in the site.How much you can earn from PTCs is in relation to your membership status or number of referrals you have in each PTC site.And also not all PTC pay same rates for viewing of adds.
Most popular are the sites that pays 0.01 per add viewed..Some sites just pay 0.001 - 0.025 per add.
If thinking of investing in these sites to earn faster by upgrading or purchasing referrals,use your discretion..go with the Risk Free sites ,where there is absolutely no chance of being scammed !!
Sign up as free members 1st and earn and till you are confident in the site,then consider investing.
If done wisely ,can earn you more with PTCs.
PTC sites,If you put all your eggs in one PTC basket,you ll probably wont earn much.Try to join as many as possible coz it does add up towards the end ,on average depending on your membership status,a site can earn you from $2 to $50 a month.Multiply that by the no. of sites you are member of. Just dont join any site at random,Hundreds of them are scams,they dont pay, they ll just take the loot and disappear.Thoroughly research a site if thinking of joining. Especially the brand new sites. Many will appear and disappear like clockwork  after they ve scammed members or advertisers of their money only to reappear again with a new ID or script to repeat the scam .

(all rates are in U.S.D!)

Bux Matrix,Gaining a reputation despite relatively new bux site.made the low risk review in few PTC review sites.
Registered members 40,000.and increasing
cashout track record feedback...reliable and prompt although very few PTC adds for free members.But has quite a fair amount of paid emails sent directly to your Gmail inbox.
Barely 2 years old, no known issues..pays to .Alertpay ..0.025 to 0.01 per add / email  clicked

(Risk Free site)
Link Grand .Site has good simple layout, with good cashout record.Low advertising rates,
if you have a website or blog to promote,$5 bucks for 1000 hits is a good deal.
recommended for advertisers.Pretty straightforward paid to click site,ref or advertise and thats it.Just 5 bucks for a thousand visitors to your site, $10 for 2 thousand etc. Advertisers do get value
on this site,30 sec full page adds with a good anti cheat program.Click link add instantly appears full page onscreen,Impossible to click 2 or 3 adds together,or you ll get logged out.Must let add run its full 30 sec course.Members earn 0.003  to 0.01 per add depending on adds..$5 needed for cashout... Paypal  only,

The must join PTC if looking to earn from viewing adds online!
Neobux is the most famous PTC site online for instant and reliable cashouts,second to none..
.0.01 c per add viewed, $2 min to cashout..

Clixsense has been around for some years..but as a free member,dont expect to get paid anytime soon,most of these PTC sites are designed in a way to psychologically compel you to upgrade(meaning give them money.!) There will be the bait,free to sign up and earn..! Then,they will allow you to click few sites just to earn some loose change but controlled in a way as to ensure you will give them money b4 they give you any,done very subtly.Clix sense for example,as a free member,i have clicked all the adds available(3 or 4 daily) and there hasnt been any since a few days,but apparently there are 525 adds available for paid members,just upgrade and get access(pay them to waste my time on surfing) Despite being around so long ,they havent gotten around to using payment processors to pay out but can received payment from pay processors online.Double standards I think. Cashout $10 min,monthly.?
And they payout  by checks sent to your address with 3 % off the earnings.Go figure.
But thay do pay out reliably! Having said all that,Clixsense is actually a good site to invest in upgrading to a premium membership from standard free member. Cost $10/ to upgrade, but access to adds is increased 100 fold,and also earning credits from your referrals is increased.So you do stand a chance to earn much more than regular free members. On average 1-3 adds per day at 0.01 per add view..but premium members may get up to few hundred adds  immediately after upgrade then regularly 10 or more on average.

Clixsense pays you to click adds,refer new members,cash contests ,sometimes can earn up to $5 an add for premium members if lucky. Payments by checks.
The sister sites below(Incentria and Clicksia) are reliable! ( LOW RISK,I VE BEEN PAID FEW TIMES ) use own discretion !
0.001 to 0.025 per 10 second add viewed..

At least as a free member,i still can get updated sites to click to build my revenue.And also they have another choice of earning by signing up for the websites you clicked. Here i dont feel pressured to upgrade which i am sure is implied but very subtly.But i wont have any issue to upgrade with them because they have 3 streams to create earnings.Paid to click ,paid to sign up,paid to promote.Very user friendly layout of sites.Upgrades are fair,good sites for advertisers.Cashout low can request  at $1/..Paypal,Alertpay

Features of this sister sites such as rates ,cashouts of Clicksia and Incentria are identical, !

WordLinx - 
Get Paid To Click 

RISK FREE site...! Wordlinx is Top rated trusted site..English owners..with good solid reputation and have been in operations for some years

Wordlinx is one of the older more reliable PTC sites,.also has paid to read emails program.. 0.02 - 0.05 per email when available.PTCs 0.01 standard per add viewed.
Been around sometime and going strong.Couldnt find a negative remark about this site online.
Almost risk free to join.! Various ways to earn with Wordlinx apart from the PTCs. Link sharing ,Retweeting ,Paid to read,Paid to play online games. Referring new members. But seems to have very few PTC  adds unless you log in few times a day,.

Escalating Biz is not a PTC site but i very highly recommend anyone looking to earn online to join this program. It has a compilation of some  internet freebies that the members can make use of,free websites and hosting, PTCs ,Paid to surfs,auto responders,add trackers..Basically  it is combination of few programs in one,and tools on how to use a guide to the member as to how and where to find useful free programs online and also explains in detail how to best utilise them to your advantage to earn online, to mutually benefit all aroud.Builds your downlines from PTCs and Traffic Exchanges with this program
Highly recommended program to join .Zero chance of being scammed,coz you dont need to spend a dime to join..! And can make serious money eventually with this program when you stick with the formula.and decide to escalate!

Click Escalating Biz banner and you will be taken to a site that explains exactly how the program works with detailed instructions on what to do!

(Sharks dont eat people!)read about it here! underwater creatures weird and bizare ,

Free advertising resources online

Traffic exchanges are a useful resource for website owners or internet marketeers who have products or services to sell but on a tight budget for advertising..
Surf and BE surfed.!just list your website link or what link you want to promote and meantime surf the other sites in order to gain credits for your listed site to be seen by people.Good tool for internet marketeers.!
useful if time is what you have more than cash.Some Traffic exchange sites have Paid to Surf feature so can earn and surf at the same time.
(P.T.C site promoters,take note ,these can be referral building resources !)

My own list of favouriteTraffic Exchanges that i like to surf at..!

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange 

Cool Exchange site for members,highly useful tool for advertisers. Surf for free credits and even your own banner links to advertise, PTC bloggers looking for referrals would like this feature.Can  earn some loose change by being active surfing , promoting and referring members. Highly rated in traffic exchange community. One of the fastest growing exchanges. With 190,000 members and increasing,has been consistently voted as the no.1 exchange for some time.This site has a, paid to surf , paid to refer new members feature. A good site to join to promote your own programs. 

Create your own advertising banners for free.Just let your creativity loose!
Design your own from scratch or use the templates at the site!
Traffic Swarm is a effective advertising site for conversions,unlike most other Traffic exchanges where you surf randomly,members of Traffic swarm can opt to do selective surfing, only viewing adds they are interested in..
Also has some cool features to help your sites..Very popular site with a huge member base..

Rainbow Traffic has very user friendly features,colorful ecxhange site,I like the layout..



or sister site

Use Paid to surf sites to build your PTC referrals,so you benefit both ways, Step by step guide on earning serious comissions without own pocket costs.

Tazoodle IncBrand new site with a brand new concept!
Tazoodle Inc
Thats right..! This Tazoodle site pays you (if you are a member) to use their search engine or refer other members or advertisers to the site..via profit sharing!
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People Search: How to Quickly and Easily Find Someone You Lost Track Of

There is this scenario where a lady was curious about what had happened to her first husband after they split. The marriage had ended badly and they hadn't been in contact for nearly thirty years. She tried searching for her ex-husband's name on Google and Yahoo but didn't get any hits. Then she consulted a friend who did a lot of research online being a professional writer, she asked if he could find out anything.

The writer was involved in business and technical publications, so he used a number of high-priced databases for in-depth research. But he suggested trying a simpler alternative - a solution he uses when he needs to find someone quickly and easily. One of the many people search database services. Even the better ones cost so little, they're practically free. Most offer a trial period. So the lady tried out one of the services.

Dubious at first. Being not very comfortable using her computer for much more than email, her stab at the search engines had already left her flustered. Now she was going to have to "sign up for something and learn something completely new..she was quite apprehensive proceeding.

Yet,on the same day it was suggested to her to try, she emailed back excitedly. In just minutes, she'd found out all kinds of information about her ex. It turned out that he'd done something of a turnaround after they'd broken up. Their divorce resulted from fights over his serious drinking problem. After they broke up, though, he'd eventually gone back to med school, gotten his MD and become an orthopedic surgeon. He'd even been instrumental in developing some sort of device used by other surgeons in his field.

Unfortunately, the poor fellow had passed, but at least she found comfort in knowing that things had worked out for him after all. She remarked that even though their relationship ended in the worst imaginable way, it had started from a good point. She admitted she hadnt really wanted to contact him. She just wanted to know what had happened to him.

Sometimes all we want is just to satisfy our curiosity about what happened to someone we've lost track of. Most of us have an old friend or acquaintance we still wonder about.

A Better Way to Find People

I suspect that's what makes people searching so hot. As many as half a million times a month, someone searches on Google alone, looking for a way to find a lost person. Whether it's someone from the past with whom we've lost touch, or someone we met last weekend and yearn to see again, were always searching for others.

Unfortunately, most general searches fail. Just like Googling failed for my sister-in-law. The information is out there, somewhere. But being forced to sift through so many unrelated results makes it nearly impossible.

That's why using a people search service is recommended - sometimes they're called Internet Detective services. They pull all the information spread across thousands of servers and combine it into people-specific search databases. Then when you drop in a name or an address or a phone number, whatever bit of information you have, you get instant gratification. Up pops the latest scoop about your person.

Thats totally unlike the cold mechanical response a Google or Yahoo gives:

Results 1 - 10 of about 55,100,000 for joe smith. (0.06 seconds)

You can almost hear the search engine yawn.

By the way - most searchers don't know this - search engine results don't actually extend beyond about a thousand entries. Even when the search engine results page says they found millions and millions of hits, they don't actually bother to dig it up and give you access to all of it. They're really just estimating from their own database tables. Even they know it's a waste of time.

Yawn, yawn, yawn

On the other hand, it's exciting when you do a person search on a dedicated database. You find what you're looking for in seconds. Plus, you not only get current information, often you get historical data too. You find not only where the person is now but also where they lived or worked before that and before that and before that.

You can sort of see your old friend's life laid bare.

Sometime you find a person's life didn't turn out the way you'd have thought. That's when the Criminal Check part of the service can help you find out what prison they ended up in!

When You Choose a Personal Search Service, Here's What to Look For

If you decide to try out a personal search database, here are the things found to be important to consider during a review

1. Free versus Paid

You may be disappointed by the free services. Their main concern seems to be to try and get you to click on some of the pay-per-click ads they're displaying - so they can make a little money.

2. Speed

You want a service that responds quickly. Make sure you try it out. A fun test is to do a search on yourself. You get to check speed and accuracy!

3. Proprietary Database

If a service compiles their own database, they must be fairly successful. It's costly to build and maintain. Such well-funded providers are much more likely to stay around. From a usability standpoint, it's better too. You get a single interface that you can quickly learn.

And very seldom is there a free service that has its own database. Most of the free services really are just link farms - they just point you at some public or government database.

4. Training and Support

Be sure you can easily learn to use any service you choose. Actually, you'll find the better services are intuitive - how to search will make sense as soon as you look at it. But better services will also provide extra, in-depth searching. If you ever need the extra, it might require you dig into it a bit before you can fully use it. Just make sure your service has easy, accessible ways to learn, like tutorials.

And don't ignore support. Sooner or later you'll have questions or there will be something you need help to get resolved. It's best if they offer free, live support.

Final Word

Join the millions using the web to track down old friends and new friends. But make it easier on yourself by using a People Search service rather than a general search engine. Have fun finding out exactly what did become of your old friend (or even your old, not-so-friendly ex)

PEOPLE-SEARCHING is very popular with more than millions of people using search engines everyday to  locate friends ,long lost relatives or  doing discreet background security checks on potential employees,or shady neighbours ,even new aquaintances whom you arent sure whether to trust.
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