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Using Articles To Bring More Traffic To Your Website

If you aren't getting the amount of traffic you need for those web pages of yours to produce the results you require, let me tell you how. It is simple, and only requires your effort and time.

Many of you will beg off initially with the "I can't write" or "I don't know how to write" to say no. And all that is nothing more than just excuses.

When I first started submitting articles I did it because I was 'desperate' to get something going. My site was running and nobody - as in NOBODY - was looking at it! There weren't even surfers getting lost and coming to it.

Presently, I can truthfully say that I have much more traffic, perhaps not many thousands as some would have you believe, but a lot (meaning in the hundreds daily) dropping in. I am at last seeing an 'uptick' in all this marketing that I have been trying so hard to do.

What you see below are the things, in order, that you need to do to post an article. Just Follow them and within TWO DAYS, NO LONGER THAN THREE, you will begin observing results in traffic. Now even you have to admit, that's pretty darn fast, right? You will find that you're getting on Google's front or second page, and I am not kidding you! You can get months, maybe even years, out of one article!

.One great benefit about article writing is that it does not go away in a short period of time. These articles get passed all over the place and stored in archives in the forums and get read again and again.

The greatest thing about them - THEY ARE 100% FREE! Of course, you have your effort and time, but aren't you already doing that trying to create that traffic?

  1. 1. Think of a 'niche' you want to be in. (A 'niche' in case you don't know is a 'specialty' that you either want to promote or sell, and you know something about it.) If you are already in one - GREAT!

  2. Now, write about it. The article can be a 'How to', 'Why people do it', or how you have done it. It should be at least 400 words in length (some forums may require shorter or longer) and you must spell-check it and use proper grammar.

  3. You must use a 'spinner' so you can submit 'multiple' articles that will be appear 'different'. A 'spinner' is a way to re-write the article so the search engines (Google is only one of many search engines) bots cannot see that it is the same article. If you submit the same article to them all, the 'bots' will see it as one article submitted and you will get no points for that!

  4. Having written and spun the article, it is ready for submission to the directories. If you are just beginning, as you most likely will be doing, this is the hardest part. You have to go find them, register with them, and prepare them for your submissions. This is time intensive. BUT, you only have to do it once!

  5. Once you have written, spell-checked, and spun the article, you begin the submission process. It's not only easier every time I do it now, it's also faster.

  6. Now is the GOOD PART - YOU CAN ACTUALLY WATCH THE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE INCREASE! Believe me, it will happen. In my personal observation, my traffic has really changed and yours will as well - I PROMISE!
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