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Traffic exchanges are a useful resource for website owners or internet marketeers who have products or services to sell but on a tight budget for advertising..
Surf and BE surfed.!just list your website link or what link you want to promote and meantime surf the other sites in order to gain credits for your listed site to be seen by people.Good tool for internet marketeers.!
useful if time is what you have more than cash.Some Traffic exchange sites have Paid to Surf feature so can earn and surf at the same time.
(P.T.C site promoters,take note ,these can be referral building resources !)

My own list of favouriteTraffic Exchanges that i like to surf at..!

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange 

Cool Exchange site for members,highly useful tool for advertisers. Surf for free credits and even your own banner links to advertise, PTC bloggers looking for referrals would like this feature.Can  earn some loose change by being active surfing , promoting and referring members. Highly rated in traffic exchange community. One of the fastest growing exchanges. With 190,000 members and increasing,has been consistently voted as the no.1 exchange for some time.This site has a, paid to surf , paid to refer new members feature. A good site to join to promote your own programs. 

Create your own advertising banners for free.Just let your creativity loose!
Design your own from scratch or use the templates at the site!
Traffic Swarm is a effective advertising site for conversions,unlike most other Traffic exchanges where you surf randomly,members of Traffic swarm can opt to do selective surfing, only viewing adds they are interested in..
Also has some cool features to help your sites..Very popular site with a huge member base..

Rainbow Traffic has very user friendly features,colorful ecxhange site,I like the layout..



or sister site

Use Paid to surf sites to build your PTC referrals,so you benefit both ways, Step by step guide on earning serious comissions without own pocket costs.

Tazoodle IncBrand new site with a brand new concept!
Tazoodle Inc
Thats right..! This Tazoodle site pays you (if you are a member) to use their search engine or refer other members or advertisers to the site..via profit sharing!
Free to join...! And can also list your own website(if you ve got one) to advertise or promote!

Sharks are cool cool .. amazing video of plane snaps off 1 wing but pilot flies it,amazing..! Pics of weird underwater critters..

Nat Geo best pics of 2009... and other interesting stuff,This is my other occupation.Having fun underwater.