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Brown eyes blue eyes

This is evidence that discrimination is taught, do you think that a newborn infant is naturally racist against another race of people unless he or she lives under discriminative conditions and racist experiences from their authorities and families.

This was a test to show the students what it feels like to be discriminated against, Ms. Jane Elliott didn't teach the students to discriminate others but that was presumed by the children.

The point was to illustrate to these children that it feels bad when you are judged and discriminated against on the basis of arbitrary factors beyond your control. They were all best friends again at the end of the video.

This video is a perfect representation of how stupid racism is.

 I would look so stupid to society if I were to say to someone, "I do not associate with people that have blue eyes," or "brown eyes." 

At the same token - What is the difference with skin color?
  This video demonstrates  the true ignorance and stupidity behind racism.See how easy it is to brainwash children? It's not much harder to brainwash adults too

 What it also suggest is  that people can be socially engineered on a vast scale, which also begs the question… who we really are and how susceptible are we to propaganda?

Children  who played along together for minimum a half year- until the teacher posted new instructions or orders... It can also illustrate what the power of leadership can do -  can be - destructive as well as constructive.
Since the vast majority of our understanding (passed down) comes from various institutions of information, be it in education, in the media or in politics. It can be abused into a form of Institutional brainwashing when it is used prejudicially.

So who is to blame for not teaching the kids  that ethno-chauvinism/masochism  are detrimental to the interests of their people and society ?
We need an  alliance of rational ,systematic and critical  thinking based on principled sincerities.  An applied wisdom along the lines of  humanity ,  making a   collective decision and it has to be a good one to.
 Because that's how we can  breach the mental bullies that way- And it will be  nice for us all to be friends together again.

    Teach your kids well....... after a brief contemplation of- your reflection in your mirror !! That is where it starts.!
Try this in the morning. When you are naked in the bathroom, look yourself in the mirror and yell 5 times, "F.. YOU" as loud as possible. Then go have breakfast. 
  Change must come from within US first. When you learn to accept (not tolerate) differences, your life, your immediate family, your friends that you mix with your environment will be PEACEFUL. No Bigotry, No wretchedness, no racism within YOU. The problem with most of us is that we externalize the issue when it is all internal to you. The state of PEACEFULNESS however is not static but a dynamic paradigm with constant real time evaluation and feedback.

                                  In the words of my favourite sage          
                                                                                              " Be like water , my friends          
                                                                                               be formless                 shapeless         
                                                                                          put water into a cup          it becomes the cup  
                                                                                          put it into a teapot            it becomes the teapot 
                                                                                          Now water can        flow      or drip      or creep   
                                                                                                         or         SPLASH !
                In other words be flexible and learn to adapt.
                                                            "A quick temper will make the fool out of you soon enough"  --  Bruce Lee .
Teach our children mutual respect and acceptance.!