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Even China is paying the racial events in the country

China's ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang today visited Petaling Street and said the Chinese government was opposed to any form of terrorism, racism and extremism. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, September 25, 2015.

For what it is worth ,and it can be a lot...

Even the Chinese ambassador is concerned about what is lieu of the threats of rioting  that carries a racial tinge  at Petaling street.

Being a diplomat,wonder if , He knows something the public doesn't. ..
Confidential intelligence / Info privy to the diplomatic circle..that cannot be revealed ,bound by diplomatic obligations and responsibilities of confidentiality 

But can be hinted by actions or gestures or very carefully and intentionally selectively worded suggestive statements .
China's ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang today visited Petaling Street and warned those who used violence to disrupt public order in the country,

The Star reported. "He said the Chinese government was opposed to terrorism, extremism and any forms of discrimination based on race.
"The Chinese government opposes terrorism and any form of discrimination against races and any form of extremism," he was quoted as saying.

Dr Huang said he was confident that the police would ensure public order.
he said his embassy is aware of terrorist threat at Jalan Alor.

"We will monitor the situation closely," Dr Huang added.

My comments : Hmmmm,. This is certainly a first. This complicates things a little.

The Chinese government rarely speaks out of the corners of their mouth.
 They usually say what they mean and mean what they say.

Undoubtedly the Ambassador would have received the approval of his government before venturing out to Petaling Street.

Note : Any country's Envoys usually make remarks on behalf of their Goverment and therefore  sends a message that it's their Govermental position,in their public statements..
There maybe and usually  a message behind a diplomat's public actions that is for interpretation.

For any country's envoys cannot simply make any actions ,gestures or statements or press releases if it is not approved or endorsed by their own  Goverment .

 SO therefore, what the China ambassador said or did,in Malaysia , is a message of the un-official stance   of their Goverment or position of the Goverment of China regarding the attempts to tense up racial relations..

Hints He inferred :Try to read between the lines and formulate your own interpretation: 

: The ambassador said it would be a shame if the peaceful environment at Petaling Street was disrupted by those with ill-intentions, adding that he was confident with the ability of the police to ensure public order.

"Business is good here. There are many tourists. I am proud to see Chinese traders working closely with Malay and Indian traders in harmony in developing this area," he was quoted as saying.

Addressing the terrorist threat at Jalan Alor, Dr Huang said that the embassy was aware of this development and was keeping a close eye on the situation.

There has been warnings that protesters will turn up again in Chinatown tomorrow,  Sep. 26th Sat, to demand the authorities raid the traders who he alleged were involved in selling fake goods and running other illegal businesses.

Here are some noteworthy facts and figures on China -Malaysia relations and what is at stake...

Malaysia is China's largest trading partner in South East Asia.

Plus we are among the Top 20 trading nations in the world.

There are more serious people who work hard to contribute towards making Malaysia among the Top 20 trading nations in the world.
There are more serious people who have made our country China's largest trading partner in South East Asia.

There are more serious people who have created a GDP in excess of US$500 Billion.

And it is a terrifying thought that there may those who are wiiling to jeopardize all these  and regress the  nation into poverty ,  just for their own selfish nefarious reasons..!

Something has to give and to  go.
Dr Mahathir says it plainly here.

To the Police, just arrest all these trouble causers.
 Put them in the lock up and charge them in Court.
If you dont do your job, this is what happens.

US Embassy has issued terrorist advisory,
The US embassy in Malaysia warned American citizens yesterday to avoid a popular tourist street in the capital Kuala Lumpur because of "credible threat information regarding a potential terrorist act".
The embassy website issued the security warning for Jalan Alor, a street in the popular tourist distict of Bukit Bintang, and the immediate surrounding areas.
Police officials could not immediately be reached for comment. However, local media said police had increased patrols in Jalan Alor and surrounding areas.

Chinese Ambassador  is expressing concerns, -

Where is the country being steered towards by those in Charge?..

full article source:  china-envoy-visits-petaling-street-warns-against-using-violence

AN interesting observation / insight from Dato Din Merican to ponder on.
 Din Merican, a longtime academic and blogger now teaching at a university in Cambodia. “His racist rhetoric is raising international concerns since in a globalized world, there are many stakeholders. Najib must show that he can protect the interest of foreign investors who have stakes in Malaysia. Fanning the flames of racial hatred and Islamic bigotry is not an option for him. China is sending a message to Najib to stop going overboard with his racism.  The non-interference argument can no longer be used when human rights are being abused with impunity. The Red shirts are Najib’s paid proxies. The besieged Prime Minister is looking for a pretext to declare emergency rule to extend his political life. He knows that UMNO and Barisan Nasional will lose the general election in 2018 if he remains Prime Minister.

full article source: