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PM Najib supporters undermine and sully their own Boss international reputation

Even an act of goodwill by a foreign envoy , in a visit to Petaling street. Which like many other things, can be viewed as a positive gesture of international relations of Malaysia.

UMNO decides to  twist it into yet another issue with a racist tinge-.if the statement from Umno Youth Exco member Armand Azha lashing out at China ambassador Dr Huang for supposedly interfering in the county’s administration.-is any indication.

 Instead of  adopting a more reassuring conciliatory tone to address the concerns expressed by the ambassador- which in effect mirrors same sentiments of so many in the international community in Malaysia- and perhaps use the visit as  an opportunity to send a message to reassure the international community that things are not really as dire as it seems and that the Goverment has a handle on things..
It was an ideal platform they could have used to tone down the concerns or alarms of not only the international communities but the locals as well-

And instead----

The fools go on the offensive. And worsen things with a antagonistic stand.
Just look at what he said........

Quote "I would like to tell this Chinese ambassador, the ones who are disturbing the peace recently are the Chinese people who provoked and insulted not only the Malay Bumiputeras but also the Malay leadership.

"Because of their arrogance, they have raised the anger of most Malays," he said..unquote.
Everything nasty to say recently from UMNO is almost exclusively brickbats against the Chinese community .
And if there are those who still prefer extending "benefit of doubt" to PM Najib and how far he is willing to go....all the recent past actions and statements from Najib's supporters is soo revealing and removes what doubt the public may have that UMNO of PM Najib's camp is determined to play the racist card to the hilt..and collateral damage--country's reputation,financial stability, social harmony-etc .all be damned !

Note: What the heck makes them think the communist Goverment of China cares about the racial situation in Malaysia ? 
They do not give 2 hoots about it unless it affects something they have vested interests in or it can be exploited to their advantage for whatever reason, and probably the Petaling street visit has some other message in the guise of a goodwill visit.

These stupid kampung under coconut shell mentality.
they undermine and sully the already maligned international reputation of this UMNO administration..led by PM Najib.

These idiots are threatening the very political survival of Najib and they don't even realise it..
Just proves beyond doubt how mindless and moronic sycophants can get..

And now they are so clever that they want more international negative press on Najib..easily achieved when they choose to aggravate a foreign ambassador.
.it's great press.

.Especially in light of the international spotlight being shined on PM Najib

.And his sycophantic boys take up arms against a foreign dignitary. ..Brilliant !

Can't wait for Sarawak Report ,NYT,WSJ  etc to do yet another  interesting write-up about PM Najib's administration and what is happening on his shift and what conclusions they arrive at..
Again it is going to make great read.

And lest it is forgotten, the MH370 issue is still alive and if the chinese want to play it up.
Najib's position and international stature gets more tenous.
.And by aggravating the Chinese....piss them off enough..who knows what they may accidentally reveal on what they know.


AN interesting observation from Dato Din Merican
 Din Merican, a longtime academic and blogger now teaching at a university in Cambodia. “His racist rhetoric is raising international concerns since in a globalized world, there are many stakeholders. Najib must show that he can protect the interest of foreign investors who have stakes in Malaysia. Fanning the flames of racial hatred and Islamic bigotry is not an option for him. China is sending a message to Najib to stop going overboard with his racism.  The non-interference argument can no longer be used when human rights are being abused with impunity. The Red shirts are Najib’s paid proxies. The besieged Prime Minister is looking for a pretext to declare emergency rule to extend his political life. He knows that UMNO and Barisan Nasional will lose the general election in 2018 if he remains Prime Minister.

full article source:

Here is to taking a piss at BN ,as the Brits will say..and having a go at some mischievous fun..while we struggle to keep pace with events unfolding and where we stand in the scheme of things..