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Racism in Malaysia..Attempts by UMNO PM Najib's faction to stir-up the issue.

Even an act of goodwill by a foreign envoy ,
UMNO will twist it into yet another racist tinge.if the statement from Umno Youth Exco member Armand Azha lashing out at China ambassador Dr Huang for supposedly interfering in the county’s administration.-is any indication..

Quote "I would like to tell this Chinese ambassador, the ones who are disturbing the peace recently are the Chinese people who provoked and insulted not only the Malay Bumiputeras but also the Malay leadership.
"Because of their arrogance, they have raised the anger of most Malays," he said..unquote.

Everything nasty to say recently from UMNO particularly from PM Najib's supporters  is almost exclusively brickbats hurled against the Chinese community .

Playing with Fire

It's a very volatile dangerous game they are playing..because they may feel they have control but if even that is lost...they themselves who manipulated public emotions with the race card ,may risk their very own wealth ,positions.
Nobody can predict nor be fully in control if social unrests and racial confrontation flares up.
But the real true victim will be the multi-ethnic harmony and diversity built up post independence-that makes Malaysia uniquely stand out.

It's alarming to note that there exist powerful people who will not think twice on sacrificing all the above,for the sake of power preservation and maintaining  their status quo that is under siege.

At the expense of a country's fabric of social cohesiveness.
And they will not hestitate-in fact they are trying to do so now-that is to rip apart this fabric of social cohesiveness,stitch together by decades of intra community interactions in commerce ,in social gatherings,in academia,inter faith relations..on and on...
Positive events / things that can happen unique only in Malaysia.

Message to the nation screamed  from PM Najib's supporters post the Red Shirt demo and the
speech Najib himself made.

And if there are those who still prefer extending "benefit of doubt" to PM Najib and how far he is willing to go....
All the recent past actions and statements from Najib's supporters is so revealing and removes what doubt the public may have that UMNO of PM Najib's camp is determined to play the racist card to the hilt..

And collateral damage--country's reputation,financial stability of the RM, social harmony-etc .all be damned !

From Channel News Asia  (click title for full article)

Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak has congratulated those who participated in a "peaceful" Malay solidarity rally in support of his administration.
Addressing thousands at an assembly for Malay martial art form silat on Friday (Sep 18), Mr Najib said the ethnic Malays of Malaysia should not be disrespected and that the Sep 16 demonstration was testament to this.
"We respect other ethnicities but don't forget Malays have our feelings too. 
Malays too have rights," he told the crowd.
"Malays too can show that we can still rise up, rise up when our dignity is challenged; rise up when our leaders are insulted, ridiculed, embarrassed. Malays say enough, let no one repeat evil acts like that again"

click this video link below and observe PM Najib's body language and the intonation  as he makes the speech.
 And then decide if this is statesman-like diplomatic  PM quality required of a leader of a multi ethnic nation.