Lazada Malaysia

Racial Bashing

Such displays of racism  is something that need to be acknowledged and repudiated via a concerted effort by all reason minded Malaysians who subscribes by ideals of a harmonious society transcending petty issues ,clearly used under the guise of Faith and Race by the sinister minded.!

 seems that Silence is becoming less and less of an option for the marjority of Malaysians who merely wish to  live in a non-confrontational society!

   Personally, all the “issues” highlighted could so easily have been handled much more delicately by the powers that be and overall contribute to a much more accepting harmonious society.
But the mere fact of the overly hyped publicity that’s more confrontational than accommodative is so so telling of the prevailing circumstances  egged on by those with vested interests, be it political or financial self-interests gain.

And not withstanding , is a perception that an inclusive and un-divided society along race/religious lines-may be detrimental to the Political Power structure and preservation.
And lamentable is a generation of psyches has been conditioned to instinctively go on the defensive and respond to all matters relating to race/religion as an affront or being challenged
Instead of patiently engaging each other ,emphasizing mutual acceptance and understanding.